Insurrection is a class and objective-based MOD for Unreal Tournament 2004. The game features Assault-style objectives with one team attacking and one team defending each map. In addition to the objectives, each map features three control points that teams can fight over, offering players additional stat and weapon bonuses. Players choose from three distinct classes on each team, providing a wide range of play styles, weapons, and abilities.


Development Time: 3 months
Team Size: 15
Roles and Responsibilities: As software and technical lead for the project, I managed a wide range of project responsibilities, from software design to version control system and bug-tracking system management.

Software Lead

  • Managed a team of two dedicated programmers, plus two level designers also programming for the project
  • Responsible for overall system architecture and design
  • Implemented numerous game features, including
    • major game systems (Assault-style objective rules)
    • character class system (including class selection mechanics)
    • menu system and UI
    • in-game HUD
    • various class abilities, such as special weapons and jump jets
    • MOD installation package (ut4mod installer)


Technical Lead

  • Responsible for version control system (using Subversion and TortoiseSVN)
    • Designed and delivered training program for entire cohort on version control systems in general and Subversion/TortoiseSVN use in particular
    • Integrated repository directly into UT2004 folder structure to make user interaction for development and source control seamless
    • Provided repository administration and end-user support to ensure consistent availability and functionality for the duration of the project
  • Responsible for bug-tracking system (using IssueManager web-based solution)
    • Designed and delivered training program, including usage guidelines and policies for bug-tracking
    • Integrated bug-tracking system with Subversion to provide better mechanism for tracking commits and associated issues/bugs